Organic Skin Care Products that Soothe Sensitive Skin

luxurious brightening cream

The skincare market is flooded with products that claim to create a variety of miracles for all sorts of skin types and conditions. It can be difficult to parse through the multitude of varieties and discern what is best for your skin, especially if you have sensitive or particularly reactive skin. If this is a problem you have experienced, it might be worth it to explore organic and natural skincare. More specifically, it might be time to dip your toes into Azuri Skincare, and organic and natural line of skincare products such as luxurious brightening cream, moisturizer, and more, designed using traditional Indian and African skincare practices that have been tested and trusted for centuries.

Every Azuri skincare product contains our Azuri Elixir: a proprietary blend consists of six Ayurvedic herbs and combines water- and lipid-based extractions to get the maximum nutritional benefit for your skin. The Azuri Elixir is made of Ashwagandha, Anantmool, Gudduchi, Calendula, Licorice, and Manjistha. These natural botanicals were chosed for our signature Azuri Elixir for the exceptional anti-inflammatory and adaptogenic properties. These herb soothe irritation and inflammation and can even revive damaged skin tissie, effectively healing and protecting your skoin. Many of these herbs are also antiseptic, antibacterial, and antifungal. The regular use of these herbs in your skincare increases and regulates blood and oxygen flow throughout the skin, which also helps your skin protect and heal itself naturally and internally. These properties help to heal sensitive skin, soothe irritation, and protect the skin from pollutants, free radicals, and UV damage. Read more about the Azuri Elixir on our blog post, Azuri Elixir – A Signature Blend of Six Ayurvedic Herbs.

Additionally, because all Azuri products, including Marula Glow, the brightening cream for sensitive skin, are natural, they do not contain harsh chemicals that could further irritate sensitive skin. We have three core moisturizers that will suit different skin types. If you struggle with oily skin, Ashwagandha Renewal is worth a try. It is the lightest creme in our line of products and contains adaptogenic herbs that help calm the skin and regulate oil production. If you typically have dry and flaky skin, the luxurious Marula Glow might be right for you. Marula Glow, the best brightening cream for dry skin, is powered by multiple plant-based botanicals to create a thick, velvety moisturizer for hydrating dry skin that gently protects sensitive skin from the sun and soothes and calms irritation and inflammation. Our third moisturizer, Nilotica Dew, is best for combination skin. The ingredients in this moisturizer draw moisture into the skin and support collagen production to improve softness and elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Azuri’s mission is to provide the world with natural and organic skincare that will care for and protect all skin types. We formulate skincare for folks with sensitive and reactive skin. If you struggle to find skincare that keeps your skin truly healthy from the inside out, check out Azuri line of skincare products and see what natural and organic skincare can do for you.