Ashwagandha - A Superfood for Oily Skin

Oily skin is a common skincare concern for folks that are trying to care for their skin. It is caused by the overproduction of sebum from the sebaceous glands. Sebum is an oily substance that mixes with lipids to coat and protect your skin. Excess sebum production can be caused by stress, diet, hormonal shifts, pollution in the environment, or incompatible skin care. Basically, your skin starts to overcompensate and over-protect itself, resulting in what looks like oily skin.

One of the best ways to manage sebum overproduction is to balance out and care for your skin’s moisture. Applying the best moisturizer for oily skin helps it to retain water and, thus, moisture. Moisturizers that contain Ashwagandha naturally prevent the secretion of oil and calms your skin, all without stripping your skin of its necessary moisture. By applying Ashwagandha moisturizer to your skin, your sebaceous glands will not launch into overproduction, your sebum levels will balance out, and your skin will not look so shiny and oily throughout the day.

Ashwagandha is a superfood and adaptogenic herb commonly used in Ayurveda, an ancient natural system of medicine from India. Ashwagandha Renewal, the best moisturizer for oily skin, naturally prevents the secretion of oil and sebum from the skin. It is rich in alkaloids and with anolides that can bring stressed skin back to a balanced and calm state. It also has exceptional anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties that help to heal the skin, soothe irritation, and protect the skin from pollutants, free radicals, and UV damage. All of these properties naturally protect the skin and help it recover from the stressors that can disrupt the balance of the natural processes in your skin and lead to excess oil and sebum.

Ashwagandha is a key ingredient that could be helpful in your oily skin journey. Regardless of the state of your skin, finding the right moisturizer to suit your skin type and behavior will help it maintain its balance and natural processes. Azuri’s Ashwagandha Renewal, the best moisturizer for combination skin, is the lightest crème in the Azuri Skincare line so it’s great for folks with oily skin or those who generally prefer a lighter feel to their moisturizers. Powerful ayurvedic botanicals easily absorb into the skin.  Adaptogenic Ashwagandha, Anantmool, Manjistha, pea extract, and Hyaluronic Acid create a healing, anti-aging effect that also helps with hyper-pigmentation. These ingredients in the Ashwagandha moisturizer help your skin retain moisture and balance sebum production so your skin looks and feels healthy.

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