I started Azuri because I wanted to return to my roots. I grew up in a household that emphasized holistic wellness and made everything at home. My father taught me yoga and the importance of only consuming fresh and natural ingredients and my mother made everything at home, from yogurt to shampoo to dresses. Until I left my childhood home, I had never thought about buying things like lotion because we had always made our own at home. This is what we had done for hundreds of years, it was part of our tradition.

But I became very disconnected from this tradition when I moved to America. I traded homemade and natural for convenience and forgot what it was like to know exactly what I was putting in and on my body. This was okay for a while, but I always felt something was missing. It took me a long time to realize that my body yearned for a return to my upbringing. A return to the teachings of my culture, which emphasized natural and homemade items made from only the purest of ingredients. But, as I began my research, I found how difficult it was to find truly natural products that actually worked. And so I began a wellness journey that led me here, to Azuri.

I want to give people like me the chance to enjoy luxury natural skincare. People who have been searching for clean products that will actually do what they advertise. People who want to be able to enjoy natural skincare without having to make it themselves. People who are looking for luxury skincare that is clean and safe to use forever. Azuri is for people who also want to return to their roots and enjoy everything that our Earth has to offer.