Do oily skin types need to moisturize?

best moisturizer for oily skin

The short answer is yes, even oily skin benefits from moisturizer. This may sound counterintuitive. You may be thinking, “Why would I put more oil or moisture on my already oily skin? Wouldn’t that just make it worse?” “How can I add a moisturizer to my luxury organic skincare routine for oily skin?”.

Oily skin is caused by the overproduction of sebum from the sebaceous glands. Sebum is an oily substance that mixes with lipids to coat and protect your skin. Excess sebum production can be caused by stress, diet, hormonal shifts, pollution in the environment, or incompatible skin care. Basically, your skin starts to overcompensate and over-protect itself, resulting in what looks like oily skin.

One of the best ways to manage sebum overproduction is to balance out and care for your skin’s moisture. Applying the best moisturizer for oily skin helps retain water and, thus, moisture. By applying moisturizer to your skin, your sebaceous glands will not launch into overproduction, your sebum levels will balance out, and your skin will not look so shiny and oily throughout the day.

However, if you have an oily skin type, it’s important to find the right moisturizer for you. Hydration and moisture are different from oil. Healthy hydration of the skin is a result of healthy water retention in the skin. Oil-based creams can help you retain moisture in your skin because it keeps water from evaporating and drying out from your skin. However, if you have already oily skin, you don’t need to apply more oil. Instead, you need a cream that will help store hydration in the top layers of your skin. Look for water-based face creams or products that claim to have humectant or occlusive properties. These products will aid in the moisture retention in your skin without adding unnecessary oils.

So, yes, even your oily skin needs moisturizer. But the key to keeping this skin comfortable and healthy is to use a moisturizer that is tailored to oily skin. Azuri’s Ashwagandha Renewal, the best moisturizer for combination skin, is the lightest crème in the Azuri Skincare line so it’s great for folks with oily skin or those who generally prefer a lighter feel to their moisturizers. Powerful ayurvedic botanicals easily absorb into the skin.  Adaptogenic Ashwagandha, Anantmool, Manjistha, pea extract, and Hyaluronic Acid create a healing, anti-aging effect that also helps with hyper-pigmentation. These ingredients help your skin retain moisture and balance sebum production so your skin looks and feels healthy.

Wondering how to use moisturizer for oily skin? Get in touch with us now to choose the best products for your oily skin and your luxury organic skincare routine.